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About Us

Welcome to Charmed By Starr's eShoppe, the Magickal Gateway to A Most Spell Binding Place for you to Visit.

This eShoppe was created when our brick and mortar store had to be closed in 2005 in Manhattan (rents being so extreme in New York).

The intent was and still is to fill the needs of the pagan community with all manner of ritual & spiritual products at a reasonable price. Focusing on your magickal and spiritual growth. Realizing that "Magick" involves not only the shifting of consciousness (or awareness) at will, but also involves harmonizing our energies and purpose with others. Hoping to create a daily setting where we live and work to be able to create magick among people, and in a place whose mindset and actions enhance awareness of the spiritual life into our material life.

Initially founded in 2000 and quickly growing from its origin as just a supplier of Pagan/ Wiccan items. Over the years Charmed By Starr’s offerings have grown to include Tarot and Astrology readings, Craft classes and Group Wicca studies and now our NYC Wiccan Family Temple All while starting the eShoppe in 2005 since we had to close our Brick & Mortar shop due to high rents in New York, has been ever evolving, as we ourselves are. In the years to come, Charmed By Starr will always be developing new products to enhance the magick in our lives. We will pursue and honor your right to express your spirituality in respect to the Old Ways.

We are not a big corporation, we are 4 amazing witches practicing for over 30 years and knowing how hard it can be to find the things you want for ritual and decorations in one place. We are Witches who are carving out a living by connecting the coolest sources of magickal, witchcraft, metaphysical etc., trying to further connect more magickal items from around the word with the coolest customers from around the world.

We treat our livelihood as spiritual work in everything we do. With steadfast devotion to supporting seekers from every culture and magickal tradition and all levels of experience, as they search for spiritual growth, healing, enlightenment, and knowledge of all things magickal.

Supplies for the Wiccan, Occult, and Magickal community

Our spiritual community has grown, improving our ability to provide all manner of magickal tools, spell kits, and ritual supplies for both new age and traditional practitioners. Whenever possible, we get our supplies from small and local craftsmen and women, who are able to provide us with hand-crafted and high quality items for a range of different traditions such as Witchcraft, Wicca, Shamanism, Santeria, Asatru, Druidism, Voodoo and many other forms of Paganism and spirituality that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Not limited just to magickal and spell supplies, you'll find a wide variety of products including:

• An extensive offering of fun, funny, and thought provoking bumper stickers
• Artist's prints and parchment posters inspired by myths, legends, gods,
• goddesses and magickal lore.
• Sew-on patches for your apparel.
• Hand painted Statuaries and Figurines
• Incense and candles for your home as well as magickal rituals and spells.
• Beautiful banners, flags and pennants for your sacred space.
• Bells, treasure boxes altar tables, and other décor.
• Herbal supplies, herbal teas, tinctures and smoking blends,
• Spell amulets and talismans for your magickal crafts
• Ritual Clothing for every day, festival, and ceremony.
• Crystals and gemstones for energy and crystal healing.
• An amazing line of sterling silver, lead-free pewter, bone and glass jewelry.
• And much, much more

We love being part of the Pagan, Wiccan, and Spiritual Community

As Witches ourselves we feel as though we have become a large part of the richly diverse Pagan, New Age, and Occult communities. And we love it. We will have a blog for all paths in which we seek to share spiritual experiences, magickal lore, and the diverse stories of other members of the magickal community. Where we will seek to provide articles exploring the rich tapestry of your many paths of spiritual and magickal lore, that forms the foundation of all of our spells, rituals, and magickal practice. And you can bet that there is more to come!

Be sure to bookmark or keep us in Favorites to keep track of our monthly sales and ever-expanding efforts to help make Charmed By Starr a friendly place for all of your pagan, wiccan, and spiritual needs. As each month we will continue to strive to bring you new products and features to our store to make everyone’s shopping experience a pleasurable & enjoyable one! We also strive to offer you Great Products at Great Prices along with quality Customer Service as you are what makes us what we are today. If you should have any questions, concerns and or if you should have any suggestions on how to improve our site please let us know through our Contact Us page, as you and your input is very important to us!!!

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