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Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

Shipping & Returns


Orders are shipped usually within 48 hours after payment is received. Most packages are shipped by UPS Ground rate to the United States (7 to 10 days for delivery after package is shipped). Orders up to $25 is $8.50 shipping; over $50 is $15 shipping; over $100 is $25 shipping. There is a $1 shipping and handling fee per order. This shipping cost also includes Insurance.
For New York orders over $100.00 we will be offering a discount to help compensate for the taxes we have to collect. (please go to the discount area and retrieve your discount code for New York. YOU CANNOT USE THIS CODE IF IN OTHER STATES.)
For orders in general over $150.00 we are offering a discount to compensate for shipping. (THIS DISCOUNT CANNOT BE APPLIED IF IT IS NOT OVER $150.00.)


We will accept the return of shipped merchandise if notification is within 7 days of receipt. We will issue Credit to your account or refund you. The cost of return shipping shall be the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping charges are calculated upon the weight of the items within your order, the shipping method you choose, and your location with a minimum charge of $8.50 for domestic orders within the USA. For international orders it is strictly based on your country code. Please note that if the cart indicates that shipping cost for your order is $1.00 our software cannot calculate your charges due to location or computer error and we will calculate shipping manually upon receiving your order, and notify you of the charges. We are not able to ship large orders to P.O. Box address (you must contact us first).

Due to an increase in credit card fraud, we reserve the right to choose to ship items to the billing address only. We do NOT ship to P.O. Boxes unless you are a customers who have proven themselves in their past purchases and have an account on file with us. If you should have any questions please do feel free to contact us. Any orders placed over $1,000.00 MUST CONTACT US FIRST!!!

International Orders and Regional Laws

All items sold and distributed by Charmed By Starr are legal for sale and distribution. However, it is the responsibility of all customers to understand local, regional, and national laws pertaining to the items they purchase, and purchasers are solely responsible for packages lost or destroyed, or any legal action resulting from the purchase of the items that are illegal in their particular country or region.

Therefore it is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and answer for all fees and charges required by Customs and Duty regarding packages ordered and shipped internationally.

If U.S. Postal Service cost is higher than we have stated on our site, you will be assessed an additional shipping cost which will be requested by email and must be received prior to shipping. Once notified of the additional costs, customer will have the option to cancel the order before any funds are accepted into our PayPal account.

For all our International orders: Please note that there is no way for us to guarantee delivery once a package leaves the United States. You may be charged an import duty on your purchase.
Please note that there is a firm NO RETURN policy for all International shipments. All Sales are Final. We also have no control over whether customs will delay your shipment, and if so for how long so do allow at least up to 6 weeks for international delivery after shipment from our location. Please bear this in mind when ordering as it may take longer for you to receive your items (but well worth the wait, we assure you!).

Return Policy:

Non-Acceptable Return Items

We "do not" accept any returns of items that can be tampered with (oils, perfumes, spell kits, herbs, bath items, etc.), books, cloaks, or sealed items that have already been opened.
Charmed By Starr will accept return of merchandise "only" if there is a problem with your merchandise and "only" if "intention to return" notification is received within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. You must submit the reason for the return in your notification.
All notifications should be submitted via email and within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. All returned merchandise must be received by Charmed By Starr within (10) business days post approval of return notification.

Due to the digital nature of eBooks, we cannot accept them for return.

Return Authorization Number (RAN).

Please contact us to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RAN). We will issue Credit to your account or refund you in US dollars for the cost of the merchandise minus a 10% restocking fee if you have received a RAN. Merchandise returned without a RAN will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Sorry, we cannot issue refunds for shipping. The cost of return shipping shall be the responsibility of the customer.
"New and unused" means that there are no scratches, marks, or blemishes on the item; there are no signs of wear on the product, the tags, or the case; and the product must not have been sized or altered in any way. We cannot accept a return of any item with any indication that it has been used. In addition, returned items must be accompanied by their original documentation. All items properly returned under this policy are eligible for a refund or a store credit.


We will not refund, and or be held responsible for any items that you return/send to us after the (10) day grace period. We also will not be held responsible to have your item returned back to you - if you would like the item returned back to you - you will be responsible for the re-shipping cost. Returned items must be returned in new and unused condition, in the original boxes and with all paperwork (includes warranties), parts and accessories to insure credit back to your Charmed By Starr account.

Shipping Address:

Please make sure your Shipping Address is correct when placing your order!! If you enter the wrong address, it will be your responsibility to contact us within (8) hours before your order is shipped out.
If the shipment is non-deliverable and or delivered to the wrong address due to your mistake we will not be held liable and or responsible! You will be responsible for any other charges that maybe be incurred by the Carrier (unless otherwise noted). It is your responsibility and it will be up to you to track your package once the order is shipped with your tracking information.
If the Shipping Carrier cannot deliver to the address that we were given by you & or is asked to ship to another address you will be held responsible for any and all additional charges the Carrier will charge us for any changes made to the shipping order after it was placed.

If for any reason your package has been returned to us and or if the shipment has been refused - you will be held responsible for the reshipping costs and any other costs associated with it having it being returned back to us. We will not reship any order(s) until the payment is made for above costs. If the order is canceled - after a non-shipment of the order you will be held responsible for a 45% cancellation/restocking fee plus any shipping/reshipping charges

Crediting On Orders - To Your Account:

Of course we will try and work with you - if we request an address and after speaking with you - you do not want to supply us with your physical mailing address, we will give you a full refund.
If we are unable to reach you - we will have no choice but to "Automatically" credit your account (at Charmed By Starr) with the payment you made. Once your account is credited there will be no credit back to your account or refunds issued!

If your account has been automatically credited due to not being able to contact you, you have up to 90 days to use your credit in your account. Your credit must be used within the allotted time frame as you will lose your credit after 90 days.

Shipping Damages:

If you are missing any merchandise from your order, or have received damaged items, put the package aside and contact us within 24 hours so we may get the issue resolved in a timely manner. Charmed By Starr will, upon your request, replace any merchandise that is received in damaged condition as a result of a packing error. If item was packaged properly then Charmed By Starr will not be held responsible for the damaged items en route to the customer. No merchandise will be accepted or replacements issued without prior approval to return such merchandise. Filing of damage claims or missing package claims with the shipping provider (UPS, US Postal Service, Fed Ex, Etc…) will be the responsibility of the customer.

If you encounter any damages you must submit the claims directly to the "Shipping Carrier", UPS (United Parcel Service) and or (United States Postal Services). Any damage claims must be made immediately or within 24 hours of receipt of package to the shipping Carrier. Charmed By Starr will not be held liable for any damages that occur in transit or for uninsured shipments.

We are not responsible for returned items being lost or broken in transit back to us. Please do ensure you place adequate tracking and insurance on your return when shipping to us.
We want you to be happy with all your purchases from Charmed By Starr. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Contact Us and we will try to make it right.

Package Tracking and Undelivered Shipments:

When your order is shipped (generally within 1-2 business day), we will complete your order in our system and you will receive an automated e-mail that your item has been shipped with your tracking number. You can also find this information on our website by logging in with your user ID/password and clicking on the Order History Link. It is YOUR responsibility to track your package and plan for its arrival. If your order does not arrive, then we adhere to the following process.
First, we will track your package to determine its status. If the package has not been delivered according to the carrier (i.e. UPS, USPS, etc), we will either contact the Carrier to determine its true status, or advise you to contact them to provide additional information (sometimes it is clear that they need additional information on your location to complete delivery).
If the Carrier indicates that the order has been successfully delivered, then we will initiate a trace of the delivery. A trace sends the driver out to the delivery location to verify the address where the package was left. A trace takes 1-3 business days to complete. About 80% of the time a problem is discovered that results in correct delivery of the original shipment.
Once a trace is complete, either the original shipment will have been delivered to you, or it will be declared lost or damaged by the carrier. If the shipment is lost or damaged, we will file a claim and re-ship your order at no cost to you. If the shipment is determined to have been correctly delivered to the address by the Carrier, then we will do the following based on the shipping method you selected.
No Signature Requested (our default shipping method) - If you did not add a note to your order requesting signature, then we cannot reship your order. In these instances, your package has essentially been stolen or is otherwise missing, and we recommend you follow-up with the carrier and your local authorities.
Signature Requested - If you requested that signature be required upon delivery of your package (read shipping methods above for instructions), then we will file a claim and re-ship your order at no cost to you once we have received verification of the shipment status from the Carrier.

The vast majority of our shipments arrive at the destination without any incident. We ship many orders each year and have very few problems with deliveries. We are spelling out these policies to make our customers aware of our process for handling delivery disputes. This policy is required because of experiences we have had with customers who live in high risk areas, but do not take the proper steps to ensure the safe receipt of their order.

Lost Shipments :

By placing an order with us you agree that you will not hold Charmed By Starr liable for any orders lost or damaged while in the possession of USPS or UPS.